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Traveling to Ijen Mountain Tour From Jimbaran Bali

Ijen Crater Tour From Jimbaran Bali

Many travelers visit Ijen Crater from Jimbaran Bali, Ijen Crater is an active volcano that located in Banyuwangi and Bondowoso city,  This mountain has an altitude of around 2,300 meters above level of the sea.

The Numbers of tourist is have increased since National Geographic mentioned the Blue fire phenomena of Mount Ijen. The Blue fire is ignited sulfuric gas, that emerges from cracks at the temperatur up to 600 C. The Blue flame can be up to 5 meter high. The gases condense into liquid sulfur, which continues to burn as it flows down the slopes,giving, the felling lava flowing.

The there is no guarantee that you will see blue fire Phenomena when you visit Ijen crater because it is natural phenomena, this phenomena is very rare in the world. Regularly on Mount Ijen and Ethopia only. Irregularly in Yellowstone and hawai ( during wildfires or eruptions), so that why blue fire so special.


Tour Program To Ijen Crater Tour

We will pick you up at your hotel in Jimbaran Bali around at 6 am then we drive to Gilimanuk harbor that located  in western tip of Bali for about 4 hours ( depend on the location of your hotel ). Afterward we cross to Ketapang Harbor in java island for about 1,5 hours by ferry. Arrive in Ketapanag harbor , Our driver will bring you to slope of Mount Ijen is  known as Paltuding or post 1 to start trekking in Ijen Mountain.

The journey will take around 1,5  hours driving by private car, on this road you will pass rain forest and many plantations which is one remaining raining forest in Java Island with many species of plants, big trees and giant ferns. We need around 1,5 hours for ascending the slope of mount ijen to  peak of ijen crater and  along the path, you will enjoy the beauty of Ijen Mountain. After reach peak of ijen Crater, we will go down to the crater to see Blue fire phenomena that sending flame up to 3-5 meters.

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We can see the activities of sulfur miners who breaks rock of sulfur with simple tools and put in baskets of bamboo, they will go up to the reach peak of crater bring basket of bamboo that full of sulfur as much as 75 kg on their shoulder.

We can also enjoy beautiful green lake of sulfate that view reflects spectacular view in the surrounding walls. After enjoy the beauty of ijen crater we walk down back to parking area where our car waiting us to back to your hotel in Bali island, on the way we can stop in local restaurant for breakfast and also we can stop in coffee plantation and jager waterfall.


Resume Tour Itineray

  • We will pick you up in Jimbaran Bali Island
  • We drive to Gilimanuk Harbor that located in western part of Bali Island
  • After arrive in Glimanuk Harbour we cross to Java island by ferry around 1 hours
  • Arrive in ketapang harbour , we continue drive to Ijen parking area
  • We start climbing Ijen Mountain at around 2 am
  • We will walk around 3 km and it need around 1,5 hours
  • After that we go down to the floor of the Crater to see Blue fire phenomena
  • We can see the biggest mining of sulfur with activities of miners who break sulfur and bring it with basket of bamboo
  • After enjoy beautiful green lake,sunrise and beautiful view we back to our car in parking area
  • We go to local restaurant for breakfast and we will take you to Bali
  • Arrive in Bali program finish


If you need information,please contact us

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Price included

  • Cost of private car
  • Cost of ferry ticket
  • Full of petrol
  • Local trekking guide speaking english
  • Entrance ticket in ijen crater
  • Gas mask and lamp
  • Breakfast in local restaurant
  • Pick up and drop service


Price excluded

  • Travel insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Meal ( lunch and dinner )


The rule to make tour in Ijen Crater

  • The Ijen Crater is not allowed for traveler who has asthma
  • The ijen crater is not allowed for traveler who has heart disease
  • The ijen crater is not allowed for travelers who has a serious medical issue
  • Not recommended for pregnant visitors
  • Not recommended for visitors who has back problem
  • Please check the fit and healthy before making tour in Kawah ijen

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