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Sunrise in Mountain Bromo

Bromo mountain is one of active volcano in Indonesia, located in Probolinggo, Malang, Lumajang, and Pasuruan regency,as active volcano, bromo become famous tourism destination and almost everyday there are many people come here, Mount Bromo shape mesh between valleys and canyons with the caldera or the ocean of sand covering 10 square kilometers and has a crater with the middlle line approximately 800 meters (north-south) and approximately 600 meters (east-west) .and dangerous area of ​​a circle with a radius of 4 km from the center of the crater Bromo.

Tourism Mount Bromo is one of the most beautiful sunrise in the various tourist attractions in Indonesia and east java particular. No wonder many tourists from within the country and abroad go on vacation here.

Many people say that the most beautiful place to see the sunrise is at the top of the mountain, if the think the rationally how tired going up the mountain straight from the source, specifically to see the sunrise at Mount Bromo tourists do not bother to climb the mountain because in attraction of Mount Bromo has provided jeep ready to take tourists to venture out and find the right spot to see sunrise.

The very precise spot to watch sunrise namely in Pananjakan 1 Mount Bromo. From here we can see sunrie with a backdrop of Mount Bromo, Mount shell and Mount Semeru is the highest mountain in the island of Java is still active, in other words we can see sunrise with great views that will never you get elsewhere, addition we enjoyed the view of the sea of ​​sand that was absolutely charming and often called “sea of ​​sand” which is located between three mountains. Bromo Ijen Tour Package

Travelers from outside country calling sunrise in bromo, as “the famous of sunrise” it is no wonder there we can meet a lot of tourists from abroad because of the fame of charm sunrise Mount Bromo until abroad.

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