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Image-sulfur miners in ijen crater

The Miners in Ijen Crater Indonesia

when many people are still asleep, the activity of  sulfur miners in kawah ijen begins, they begin to climb the ijen mountain by pushing carts, most of the miners use carts to transport sulfur from the top of the Ijen mountain  to the weighing place, and sometimes the sulfur miners will offer their carts to the tourists as a taxi, tourists simply sit on the cart and the miners will push it up to the top of the mountain

Ijen Blue fire 4


After walking about 2 hours the miners arrive at the top of the mountain and then proceed down to the bottom of the crater to take sulfur with the rocky and slippery road, sometimes there are much smoke in the sulfur mine that can make difficult to breath and make eyes hot, the sulfur miners use very simple tool to break down sulfur to be a piece of sulfur and  put it in a bamboo basket, after the bamboo basket is full of sulfur they go up and put the sulfur inside the cart then pushes the cart to a weighing place on the slopes of the Ijen mountain,

The miners usually up and down to the bottom of the crater 2-3 times, and usually they can collect sulfur 200-300 kg at a price of sulfur  about 1000 IDR / kg, so they can earn money about 200,000-300,000 IDR/day and to earn a living some miners make a souvenir to sell to tourist

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There are many risk working to be sulfur miners, they usually have problem in the respiratory tract, back pain and foot pain, so that why?the local government and mining company give health insurance to them and the local government give English training to some of the miners to be local guide in Ijen crater

Going Ijen crater is very easy, from Surabaya you can go to Banyuwangi city by train, after arriving in Banyuwangi train station you just call one of travel agent to drive you to Ijen crater you can visit www, to get more information

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