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Sukomade Turtle Beach

Sukomade turtle beach is located in pesanggaran, banyuwangi, east java Indonesia, this place is one of indonesia’s most important turtle spawning grounds. Sukomade beach is a part of Merubetiri National park, The park has been set in colonial era as one of wildlife reserved in east java.This journey requires a 4 –wheel drive vehicle or large truck for about 97 km from banyuwangi city, trought local villages, rubbers, coffee and cocoa plantations,  a small juggle tour and exotic green bay . There you will stay at night in plantation guesthouse. And after have dinner  for about 7.30 pm we go to sukomade beach to see turtles coming up and lay their eggs in the beach.

We can also participate in turtle conservation. The eggs at the conservation area will hatch and hundred of hatclings come out. The great part is when we releas the baby of turtles to the sea. After releasing them, we can see the cute hatclings swim and realize that they will face wildlife in the sea and and may be they will come again to lay their eggs just like what their ancestors did before.

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November to march is the month werienchere turtles come and lay their eggs. To watch these turtles, we will be guided by rangers, there turtles that we can find leatherback turtle, loggerhead turtle, green turtle, hawkbill turtle, and the green turtle that often we find lay their eggs in sukamade beach.

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